Comparing Blog Platforms #1:

Well, after considerable research I settled on to be my first test subject in comparing the major blog platforms.

Why compare blog platforms?

I did a lot of research, and to be honest, I couldn’t find the perfect feature/benefit chart to guide my selection. Here are a few resources that I did find useful.

Why WordPress.Com?

  1. Free. is free. If you get ambitious, you can purchase upgrades to increase your storage (if you have a big blog and/or lots of photos or videos) and other features.
  2. Own my domain name. has an upgrade to allow me to point my own domain name to the blog for a nominal fee. As a marketing geek, I really believe in brand development. And in order to develop a brand, you have to control its name. So, until my blog becomes large enough to merit separate hosting, I get to enjoy having my own brand AND an <almost> free account.
  3. Huge stable of bloggers. After researching the market out there, lots of people blog on WordPress, so it seems to be the tried and true platform of choice.
  4. Rich organization. Even for a free blog, seems to have the most functionality. I have tried already, and it didn’t inspire me. gives me categories, tags, and pages with which to organize my posts.

Why NOT is best suited to the business and casual user looking to inexpensively interact with clients, customers and/or family. is not for bloggers interested in monetizing (making money from) your blog. At the moment, (as opposed to building a custom site at doesn’t allow advertising and affiliate marketing.


So as not to sound too much like a commercial, I am encountering some bumps in the road on my implementation. I’ll give you updates on those, and you can follow my progress as I develop the structure and content of this blog. I’m also going to test some other blogging platforms like, so feel free to check back to see how those experiences go.


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